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Traktor Pro 2.5 F1 RemixDeck Controller Heck for maxMsp (fatlimey / hack-the-f1)

Jul 19 2012 | 12:23 pm

Hello all

The RemixDeck in Traktor 2.5 support only for the NI F1 controller
and i can use it with max msp. I will make a realtime step sequenzer
for the lemur ipad software, and more..

I am find a heck for the USB protocol F1 RemixDeck Controller in java.

Can a user help my to use it in a maxMSP patch (m4l).
I have self not working with java script and need help from a codeman ;)
This is very helpful for many many Dj’s and producer all round the wold.

More links:

Many thanks for the support
Have all a nice day

Jul 20 2012 | 5:54 pm

Didn’t they announce that they were adding MIDI to the remix deck in a later release? I remember seeing something about it supporting everything but color sending.

Most of my experience in Max with HID is receiving and sending USB HID messages to an actual device. Controlling the Traktor RemixDeck with Max would require Max to identify itself as a USB HID device itself, specifically the F1 deck. Something I have not yet seen accomplished, but would certainly love to. Might anyone else provide some more insight?

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