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Trigger movies simultanously

Dec 01 2013 | 8:10 am

Hi! I am trying to play 3 movies at the same time on the same computer. And I would like to trigger them with MaxMSP. If I play them in Max with, CPU gets very high and they start bucking.
If I play them in QuickTime it works fine. Just how to communicate from Max to Quicktime?

I tried applescript with the shell, aka-shell and taptools.
The taptools helpfile looks fine, just: there is no taptools.mxo inside the bundle.
For shell and aka-shell I don’t know the commands to run the applescript.

I would be greatful for any hints! Thanks!

Dec 01 2013 | 10:24 am

Try sending the movie into a This then puts a large part of the processing onto the GPU.

Dec 02 2013 | 4:49 pm

search the forum for "video optimizations" or something similar. is probably your best bet.

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