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trigger random sound files

Jul 27 2009 | 7:58 pm

I’m a bit of a newbie to max/msp/jitter
I’m just wondering if anyone can help me. I want to randomly trigger different sound files to play when a bang triggers.
I have been fiddling around with sfplay, preloading in files as messages etc..But i’m not sure if i’m going about it the correct way!!

Any suggestions appreciated! Smile

Jul 27 2009 | 9:12 pm


there are several ways, your way ok, have a look at the sflist obj, it might be useful. trigger the cuepoints with the random obj.

the object umenu might help you too. you can get the filenames of a folder of files into the menu and trigger them with the random obj

a more flexible way is to use in case you work with jitter since it reads everything quicktime reads inluding mp3 and the like. There is an example called Poly~ForMovies which is very cool….


Jul 27 2009 | 11:56 pm

Hi Falk,

Thanks for the reply,
I’m not sure if i’m doing this right, it does not seem to be working for me at the moment. I tried the sflist object with the random object, don’t think i’m doing it right..
I’ll paste it here. What i’m actually trying to do is create a set of triggers that will play random sounds as the frames change in the movie! I am using jit.change which is working, it outputs 0 if frame changes, and 1 if it does not. The problem i am having now is triggering off the different sounds…I don’t think that this is very hard to do, although i can’t seem to do it…

— Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. —
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