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Triggering a Specific Imovie frame time to trigger another video

Nov 08 2010 | 4:30 pm

I’m somewhat of a novice, but I feel as though I’ve been searching for my answer for a while and cannot find it. Here is what I’m doing…

I have an Imovie playing. I have a gettime object connected to display the frame number as the movie plays. I’d like the VERY last frame of the video to trigger a separate video immediately after so its a smooth, seamless playback between the two videos.
So essentially, I’d like this specific frame number to trigger a response to dispose, read and play the next video being controlled only by an object connected to the output recognizing the last frame number, and sending a bang to dispose, read and play.

I cannot seem to find a solution. I need a program that can recognize a specific number when it recieves it, and upon recieving that message, can send out other commands at that time.

Am I missing something? I appreciate any helpful suggestions. Thanks.

Nov 08 2010 | 6:11 pm

See the select object. Also, when you’re trying to detect whether a particular number has been reached in an ascending series of numbers, it’s good to consider the possibility that the number might get passed without actually being hit dead on, in which case it’s better to use a >= test instead.

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