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triple drawing for installation

Oct 31 2010 | 6:46 pm

Hello. I need some advice…

I’m tracking three light sources to generate sounds and visuals.

On the visuals side, I want the 3 sources to draw on the screen. I’m getting 3 sets of XY coordinates.

I want the lines to fade away with time and to have a controllable colour mixture when the lines cross.

I also want to control size, colour, bg etc

Of course I’ve looked at the jitter gl tutorials ans jsui examples but I haven’t found what I’m looking for, yet.

I’m sure this has a hundred ways to be done but it’s the first time I’m programming visuals so… I’d greatly appreciate some direction for quick implementation.

Oct 31 2010 | 8:36 pm

can you post a test patch?

Oct 31 2010 | 8:58 pm

Sure, it is attached.

The file might not help much as I want to draw with 3 sets of XY coordinates
and so far I’ve worked with issues other than the visuals.

to continue from my previous post on my needs for this, the visuals should not drain my CPU…
I’m looking for direction or some examples/ help files to modify.


Oct 31 2010 | 9:12 pm

Maybe the first direction to take would be the use of shaders and slabs(jitter tutorials 41-43) so you can free your CPU. Another interesting direction would be to explore cv.jit library.

Are you familiar with the GL jitter objects?, if you want to draw lines or any other shapes you can use where you can send ‘raw’ gl commands, for instance the glvertex or the lineto, etc. you can control the width of the line with the line_width message or the linewidth command. For color you have the glcolor.

Shapes can be drawn using the glbegin / glend command and a series of vertices.

Oct 31 2010 | 11:03 pm

Dank u wel!

I’ll sure need some help later on, but for now I can go on!

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