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trouble with "thispoly~"

Sep 06 2012 | 3:50 pm


I want to check which ones / how many of the instencies of my poly~ are busy or not. if I got it right, using "thispoly~" is the way. However, due to the structure of my patch I would like to monitor what’s happening with audio rather that using a bang from the end of a "line~".

but how do you put the "mute flag" (right output) of a thispoly~ to work without sending to it the clear message "mute 1" – or how to generate such a message with audio only? (the output of each given patch)

____besides the first illustration of the thispoly~ re (in documentation)f puzzles me…… what is the difference between voice 1 and 5?


Sep 06 2012 | 9:41 pm

The message "busymap 1" will send a list of the busy states of your instances out the first non-signal outlet of your poly~. There is also a mutemap message. The int specifies the outlet.

You asked the same question about signals in another thread. I posted a patch there which shows how I might trigger mute when audio goes below a threshold.

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