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trying to write a virtual piano

Apr 25 2011 | 8:23 pm

I’m a beginner to MaxMSP. I have Ableton with Max for Live.

I’m trying to write a virtual piano.

so far I fetch the midi note using midiparse, created a js script to convert midi notes to frequencies. forwarded it through cycle~ and gain~ to live.gain~ and then to speakers.

i also added Pitch Bend support to change the sound (not a good one but still.. something that works)

the question is how do i support more then one midi notes at a time ?

i want the user to be able to press several midi notes at once and he will hear all of them.

i also want to play several frequencies at once while the user presses on one note (to play harmonics).

any help regarding the issue would be greatly appreciated.

are there any books that i can find that might help me in understanding MSP better ?


  1. calcpitchbend.js
Apr 26 2011 | 6:04 am

The piano synthesis has always been the reference for any synthesis method.
(They almost all failed for real pianists in history…;-)
As a beginner, you should first concentrate on a synthesis model, which is additive synthesis out of your description. But don’t hesitate to include other methods as well.
To play note polyphonic, look at the poly~ object. You want to place your patch inside a poly~ object. You can nest poly~ objects, and thus create the harmonics the same way.
The first method in history which came close enough to real pianos is called sampling by the way…
Nowadays a mix of sampling and physical models is used in the top notch instruments of the industry. Look into physical models AFTER you learned how to do sampling, subtractive and additive synthesis…
You’ll find plenty of examples in the examples and tutorials which come with Max/MSP…

good luck


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