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turning off signal connections!

Apr 29 2006 | 3:29 pm

another long-term problem.

lets assume we have a big project of many
independant modules.
the modules are, besides messages, also connected
to each other with quite a few signals.

our job is now to avoid as much as CPU usage as
it is not a big problem for the modules, for the
parts with DSP effects or synths, they can run as
poly so that unused modules can be muted.

but what do we do with the 300 signal connectios?
many of them still need CPU when most modules are
turned off. for example, because they go from a
turned-off module to a dac~ object. such a signal
still sucks CPU.

my idea is that we eventually use thispatcher
scripting to kill and reconnect some connections.
but of course this interrupts the signalling of
the runtime, which is not very clever to implement
into live performance patches or pluggo plug-ins.

so what do we do?

any combination of polying, disabling objects,
and create/delete-scripting for connections
would be welcome, no matter how complicated.

it may also be a 300 miliseconds task, as long as
it does not produce 300 miliseconds of crackling
or chrashes the computer.

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