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Two questions about granulating…

Jun 19 2009 | 8:49 am

Hi, two quick ones about creating a granulator module.

First of all, I have heard of someone assigning a Hanning window by using the wave~ object. This for some reason didn’t work for me last time, and did cause clicks when the grain size was quite small – so I was forced to create my own window using line~ and *~. Did I do something wrong before?

And also, how would one go about using multiple voices? Currently I am simply sending lots of ‘play~’ messages to the buffer~ where the sampled sound is stored. Although it works absolutely fine for one voice, it is impossible to assign too many voices this way.

Thank you in advance!
Ivan Reshetilov

Jun 19 2009 | 1:13 pm

You should check out my Granular Toolkit. Problems such as you are describing are what lead to its development.

To answer your specific questions:

1) It may be an issue with syncing window and sample playback. It is really hard to sync these exactly between objects in Max/MSP.

2) Playing from multiple [play~] objects should not be a problem. But managing the allocation of grain requests is certainly a difficult task that takes some careful planning.


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