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udpsend to artnet header data

Sep 06 2007 | 12:11 am

Has anyone used the udpsend object in max to send directly to an artnet dmx output box? I am trying to figure out how to format the header data that deals with the dmx output. Im not concerned with all the server polling stuff because Im using it with a lighting console in line and merging. I just need to figure out how to format the OpOutput field header. I have the artnet spec sheet, but I still havent totally grasped the syntax I need to use with the udpsend object so i can send straight over the ethernet to the artnet box. Any syntax pointers?

Sep 06 2007 | 12:48 am

this is my best shot at it now, and I am sitting here in a theater with only an ETC net setup so I cant test the artnet until a couple days from now. Anyone know if this is the correct format?
This is for an OpOutput stream of Artnet 2 version 1.4 with a node behavior of "0"

‘A’‘r’‘t’‘-’‘N’‘e’‘t’0x00 0x5000 2 14 00000000 00000000


Sep 06 2007 | 4:10 pm

thanks for the abstraction Joost!
do you know if udpsend adds an OSC header on its output before it sends?

Sep 06 2007 | 7:17 pm

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