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Unibrain Cameras + Jitter Questions

Jul 16 2007 | 10:25 pm


couple of questions…

First, will Jitter work with the Fire-i Digital Board Cameras:

It seems that the Fire-I camera, that many have mentioned here before, shares similar specs the Digital board cameras. I’d like to have the option to substitute lenses.

Second, are cameras the best way to locate a person or object in space? I need to get the equivalent of an X and Y location of someone in a room. I am thinking of either using one camera placed on the ceiling or two cameras along two sides of a room. Are there any other better/more efficient ways of doing this without using a camera?

Thank you.


Jul 18 2007 | 1:06 am

eh hem… (sheepishly clearing throat…)

after some deeper searching I found the answer to my fire-i question. Apologies for the negligent post/question.

Some internet digging came across these

Are these types of sensors something that max/msp/jitter might be able to work with at some point in the future?

seems like the firewire camera is still the cheapest approach for locating a subject.



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