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University project – Help with maths please

Feb 01 2011 | 4:02 pm

Attatched is one piece of my Cellular Automata instrument

Please open the patch and have a look

I need to understand how to do everything written in blue text before I can move forward. I’m sure there isa fast and easy way to do these calculations but any help or advice on HOW would be absolutely fantastic

Thanks in advance – feel free to chop and change the patch


Feb 01 2011 | 4:39 pm

Look at the jit.3m helpfile – the second outlet, in particular.

Feb 01 2011 | 5:22 pm

ah-ha! i can use that to get a mean value (basically a percentage – sort of but it will do fine) cheers

From here though how do I go about making the mathematical expressions?

Can I make a table of expressions?
A table of Values?
A general Table of data to be referenced etc etc etc
– If so how do I specify how to evaluate the list of data in the table correctly?

or is it best to create a message that will evaluate the list of numbers.

In its simplest form I would like the instrument to produce a tone (I’ll connect was phasor~ or oscbank~ objects for sound gneration) but say for >0,>10,>20,>30….>80,>90 % of ‘life’ I want the instrument to automatically select the output tone/frequency (100Hz, 200Hz . . . . . .2kHz, 3kHz.

If I can set up this instrument in a way where I can easily edit the expression I can really get stuck into making sounds with it, expolre different scales, and use this idea of the 10%,20%,30% etc in conjunction with for example LFO speed, sample playback position, delay or reverb times etc etc etc. so I have to work out how to ‘phrase’ the mathematical expression (wether or not it ends up looking up a table or is just a text comment connected to the matrix and some sort of sound module,

Any advice would be awesome,

Thanks for the jit.3m heads up

Feb 01 2011 | 7:27 pm

The things you’re asking about are sufficiently basic that I would recommend some quality time with the tutorials. Each of these component parts (tables, mathematical expressions, storing and retrieving data) are all covered there. At the very least, some time spent there would allow you to ask more specific questions. In general, more specific questions in a forum such as this will get you more useful and specific answers. The help files for individual objects often contain examples of precisely what you’re asking about (as in the case of the jit.3m object).

Feb 02 2011 | 2:05 pm

Cheers Greg, I’ll go back to the math/data tutorials and hopeully in a short time i will have a better phrased question to post. Cheers again.

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