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unmenu items

Oct 24 2010 | 9:49 pm

Hello everyone,
pretty simple question but some how I keep getting an error message in the max window while using groove along with unmenu and prepend set message here is a copy of my code (pretty simple messing around with the groove tutorial which i later wish to granulate)

-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --

and also a screenshot of my finder window with all the files stored in the location cheers.


  1. Screen_shot_2010-10-24_at_22.47.48.png


Oct 24 2010 | 10:14 pm


You need to connect the 2nd outlet of the umenu to [prepend set], not the first one.

Oct 25 2010 | 1:59 pm

hey charles thanks a lot for your fast reply just realised that and when highlighting the output for the unmenu in the clue window it stated that on the output had connected originally this was for numbers instead of text cheers

Oct 25 2010 | 2:04 pm

@Ch: I think you’re right here, but what do you make out of the groove~ reference page ?

It seems to contradict itself a little; the short description after the set message states that the behavioral flag should be an int (0 or 1) whereas the longer description after that backups what you say here; the second parameter should be a symbol which switches the buffer~ object.

Or am I misinterpreting the reference page here?

Oct 25 2010 | 4:06 pm

The short description in the reference is an error. I’ve seen it in more places, copy-pasted and then forgotten to update. Typically post midnight work I suppose.


Oct 25 2010 | 11:45 pm

Gotcha, thanks for clearing that up for me.

Oct 26 2010 | 10:46 pm

@jvkr not sure about the midnight work… but it’s post midnight here… and that’s been fixed for the next incremental. Thanks for mentioning it.

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