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Unpacking values from Nodes

Dec 06 2010 | 6:17 pm

Hey guys,

Looking to build a simple graphical-interface based patch for some multichannel diffusion;

playing with the Nodes object, I need to unpack the individual node values in order to control levels of the gain sliders; thus moving through the Nodes alters gain of each channel.

If it helps, heres where I’m at so far;

ANY suggestions appreciated.



EDIT: text patch was CRAZY long, so I’ve included it as a .maxpat Holla if this is a problem…

  1. Diffuse12.1.maxpat
Dec 06 2010 | 6:18 pm

Apologies for that ridiculously long text path there. Didn’t realise it’d be that long…

Dec 06 2010 | 8:03 pm

don’t see what the problem is… am I misunderstanding what you are after?

-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --

Dec 06 2010 | 8:11 pm

Oh Jeremy Hunt, I was being a complete eejit – trying to unpack wrongly forgot about the floats and vexp.

So sorry to bother you.

Thanks for taking the time, MIB really appreciate it – you know when something really simple just eludes you, would have taken me forever to spot that :-$


Dec 06 2010 | 8:12 pm

@MIB yeah you were right – that is exactly what I was trying to do. cheers :-D

Dec 06 2010 | 8:13 pm

I know exactly what you mean. am guilty of it all the time myself ;)
Three cheers for a great and active forum!!!

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