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upsampling gen~ ??

Apr 22 2013 | 10:01 pm

is there any way to perform operations in gen~ faster than samplingrate?
i have already tried to put a gen~ inside a poly~ and then to set the poly~ to a higher samplingrate (up 8 for instance).doesnt work.
i need this to copy samples in between buffers.right now i have to stick doing this the old way with msp~ inside an
upsampled poly~,which is rather ineffective since there is gen~.
there is the great el.buffet~ external for copying samples from one buffer to the other,but i need an offset for copying,for example copy at 0-
paste at 1000..

Apr 23 2013 | 3:58 am

gen~ inside an upsampled poly~ should be upsampled in just the same way as MSP objects are. If this isn’t happening, could you post a simple example?

However for your use case of copying samples between buffers, it can easily be achieved in gen~ using GenExpr and for loops. This can either be continual (like what upsampling would give you) or it could be done sporadically by nesting inside an if statement. Quick example:

-- Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. --

Apr 23 2013 | 2:28 pm

i made up a quick example on the fly which isnt about copying buffers and there,upsampling via poly~ works just fine.
i will look up the actual patch,but its possible i made a simple mistake when trying to upsample the poly~
if not i will let you know.

thanks,anyway,for your example…it will make me have to learn genexpr~ at last,which makes sense because i can solve
some problems i am encountering with a project right now (a 64-slot sampling loopstation)

even though i am a bit afraid of CODE until now…

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