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Jul 06 2007 | 11:48 pm

Hi List.

Was wondering if anyone knows the possibility of using a Parallax Servo Controller USB to work with max msp. please find the Board at
I have checked on the board manual, but couldn’t find anything that could help me.
Is it possible? I am on Windows XP.



Jul 10 2007 | 8:48 pm

Sure enough. You need to get something written in the Basic Stamp programming language that can read data from the USB serial port. Max uses the serial object to send that data as bytes or lists of bytes. Read around for some more postings in this forum, there are a few quirks to work out.

Once you get your patch talking to your board the rest is up to your imagination. For servos I imagine you wouldn’t need data coming back from the board to Max (though you certainly could), so that simplifies things a bit.

It will take some time…find as much as you can online that’s already written so you can get to the fun stuff like automations and interface design.


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