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using coll for keymapping with poly~

Feb 02 2010 | 7:59 pm

Hey I am stuck trying to implement key-mapping for a sampler.

I had a look at the tutorials and they were a great help, msp #20 in particular. This just uses a poly object and 4 voice patches. I want to implement the same idea using poly~.


Keymapping info (a message with a list of sets (note # & index #) is passed in to the first inlet of a funbuff object (inside poly~)

Parameter lists are passed in to a coll object (also inside poly~). This is filled correctly.

I then pack up notein info (from a midi keyboard) and pass it into the first inlet of the funbuff. This should index the coll object which should pass its values to the objects inside the subpatch… except it doesnt!

I tried replacing the funbuff object with a fresh one but it didnt change things.

Am I doing something wrong or could it be done in a better way?

Help much appreciated!!

Feb 03 2010 | 12:04 am

got it using poly + transfer message!

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