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Using custom jitter shaders.

Feb 08 2010 | 11:07 pm

hello everyone,
I am currently working on a few video projects for which I would like to use some shaders, however i do not understand how to get a shader to work in a patch. I have tried looking at the tutorial however it is kind of hard to follow and doesn’t explain how to use custom shaders. if someone could help explain how i would set up a shader like the v001 shaders I would really appreciate it.

Feb 09 2010 | 1:03 am

ok, after some research let me refine my question a little bit.
is it possible for me to use a shader as an effect on a video without rendering the video as a texture on a plane? or am i required to the video on a plane with first and then apply a texture to that?

Feb 09 2010 | 1:40 am

ah, figured it out, srry for wastin the web space

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