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using your own UI

Nov 19 2012 | 11:48 am

hello everyone,

I’m pretty new in max and I’m working on my first synth (coursework of course :)
I designed my own buttons in Photoshop and I’d like to use on the UI, layering on the top of dial objects.
I hardly find any information what file format I should use (as I see definitely not jpeg) and I tried pictctrl object as well with no luck although I assume that will be my object.

any advise, help, hints would be much appreciated


Nov 19 2012 | 1:10 pm

Try [pictcrl]. Matrixctrl is also an option if you need more than one similar & adjacent control (ie a matrix). Edit: oops… answered too quickly. But pretty much all the info you require re: formats (png is default) is available in the pictctrl reference page. For further clues, perhaps check the pictctrl inspector for the examples in the help file…

Nov 19 2012 | 1:19 pm

If you’re having trouble getting your images into the right arrangement for [pictctrl], take a look at Knobman:

(Also runs fine on OS X under Wine)

Nov 19 2012 | 1:37 pm

you need to replace the original dial objects though. it takes some hit’n’miss, but basically, for knobs, you need a separate image for every "state" of the object. You don’t actually need as many states as you have values, around 30 states should be enough to give an impression of "smooth" action, while the values can be optional.

ALSO, if you have trouble running WINE, you can use Wineskin Winery. it’s a "sandboxed" version of wine and allows you to encapsulate a windows app inside a more common .app bundle together with the wrapper/emulator. The emulator takes up roughly 110mb space, so that is always added on top of the app. still, pretty useful.

Nov 19 2012 | 3:31 pm

There’s also Wine Bottler, which lets you do a similar thing but with a single install of Wine:

Nov 19 2012 | 3:32 pm

there is nore reason why you shouldnt use jpeg, except that — depending on the type of jpeg — that might require to have quicktime installed in a windows OS.

during getting things together you can even display (the topmost layer) of a photoshop document in maxmsp GUI objects, at least thats what i am doing since max v3.


Nov 21 2012 | 8:31 am


thanks for the help guys :)

Nov 21 2012 | 12:12 pm

I usually design things in illustrator, that way I have some kind of scaling capabilities (if i choose to need it), and by using several artboards i can update and export all UI objects in one pass, which makes it easier to update the whole UI if you have more images. (I already have 20-something of them, so its easier to name your artboards and just spit them out)

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