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very simple sequencer made with max 5 stopped working

Jul 29 2009 | 2:36 pm


I have a very simple tamboura drone sequencer that I have been using in various patches for over a year. It is a four string arpeggio that plays four notes over and over. It’s straight out of the tutorials, it works with a phasor object, a metro object and a snapshot object and it sends bangs to four sub objects which produce the sounds when they get banged. It has worked and worked and worked and I haven’t thought about it for a long time.

The other day, I fired up the standalone at my computer at work and the drone wouldn’t play. When I first turn DSP on, it runs through the four notes one or two times and then stops. It’s the damndest thing. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the standalone because it works on all the other computers. Are there any prefs files for the runtime that could get corrupted or any system settings that could have gotten messed with? (I was recently attempting to use it as a rewire client could the metro object be affected by rewire sub-voo-doo?)

Put it this way, If I delete a standalone from a system (OS X 10.4) that doesn’t have max installed on it, are there ANY files left over anywhere or anything like that?

I can’t troubleshoot the problem at home because I don’t have the problem at home.

Jul 29 2009 | 3:59 pm

i _have seen situations where the sheduler stopped working
on a maxmsp machine, for one time, but also for more than one
time (including a max restart and a system reboot)

did you try out if other patches with [metro] will work in
this runtime?


Jul 29 2009 | 4:18 pm

I will create a mega-simple metro app and bring it into work tomorrow and we shall see.


Aug 13 2009 | 6:59 pm

Thanks Roman,

I found that max runtime prefs are stored under the name of the standalone app. So, I was looking for "Max runtime" prefs and I needed to search for "dronese quencer" prefs. I chucked them and it fired right up.

Thanks again.


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