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Virtual Midi Ports Not Working?

May 14 2008 | 12:51 am

Hello, for some inexplicable reason my virtual midi ports don’t seem to be working. I’m trying to send MaxMSP midi information into Ableton Live through my virtual midi ports. My MaxMSP DSP status is not rewired, which I have heard can give problems to your virtual midi ports. I have no idea why my midi ports aren’t working. I was using them yesterday without a problem and don’t feel like I am doing anything differently. Any ideas?

May 14 2008 | 1:15 pm

Hi there,

Are you using the most recent version of Ableton?

I encountered a very similar problem, found that after I updated to the most recent version of Ableton, it was fine.

Oh, also, make sure you’ve set up your MAX patch as a ‘Remote’ in your Ableton preferences. If you are working out of MAX directly, it will be something like ‘From MAX/MSP 5.0.2 Out 1’. If you’ve built an app, it will replace ‘MAX/MSP’ with your App name.

Hope this helps,

Jun 30 2008 | 1:36 pm

hello – i’m wondering if you solved your problem.

i am not using max but instead using samchillian software, which sends MIDI to ableton 7 through the IAC bus, but is _not_ a rewire app. and just as you say, live will intermittently shut off and not receive MIDI data from the app. actually MIDI continues to come into live, as evidenced by flashing yellow square at top right, and in fact i can set and change ‘remote’ settings via MIDI but it won’t trigger my MIDI instruments (the ‘track’ part).

worse, once in this mode, i can no longer trigger Ableton from external midi sources, and i have to reboot to regain functionality.

is this your experience?

didn’t have this problem in Ableton 6

if this is a systemic problem i guess it would be somewhat uncommon to majority of live users since they are not triggering MIDI instruments this way, esp. through non-rewire apps. (where did u hear that, btw, regarding rewire being helpful in this regard)

it was just recommended to me by ableton support to create a new audio midi setup for iac bus. will try that

anyway, any information on this that you have would be helpful

Jul 02 2008 | 12:43 pm

Hi there,

To be honest, I think the problem may have been with Ableton. I have since installed the latest updates, and I’ve not experienced any problems since then. If you haven’t done that yet, try it, it may work.


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