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visual information from spectroscope~ or analyzer~ or other?

Dec 23 2006 | 2:59 pm


I have been looking at [spectroscope~] and [analyzer~] as tools for displaying the spectral energy of incoming sound.

Neither quite seem to do what im after but im wondering if this is a limitation in what I know or the objects themselves. or if there are other alternatives.

Im wanting to get a good visual indication of the energy of complex audio (not just single notes), enough to have a good idea of spectral energy in the lower octaves (sub 500Hz)

spectroscope looks the go, but there are no "titles" associated with the display, so i cant get a particualrly accurate indication of whats going on. – i.e no associated Hz scale along its axis. I guess i could manually add octave bands alongside but its a bit rough for my liking and im hoping there might be a more elegant way. also if the display could be mutated to just focus on certain Hz ranges that would be neat…

analyzer is OK but only really pops up octave bands in its visual display. Im wondering if it is feasible/worthwhile for a novice to toy with the object or related display to yeild more specific information – ie each visual "slider" value corresponding to a 10Hz range from 20Hz-500Hz rather than octave bands…

I am aware of objects such as centroid~ etc but I guess im wanting a broader overall visual feel of whats going on and the source material im analyising I think is best understood in a traditional spectrogram format.

Thanks muchly for taking the time to read all that! I hope there are answers out there in the mist


Dec 23 2006 | 10:44 pm

so ive been toying with [spectroscope~] in spectrocope mode, and i cant seem to get any useful display below about 100Hz… which is where all the useful information is for me…

a little voice in my head tells me there is a reason for this to do with the processing and i wouldn’t be likely to see a solution…?

Dec 24 2006 | 12:26 am

The patches from the creative synth tutorial could easily be modified to do what you want:

If you aren’t familiar with FFT, I would suggest reading the MSP tutorials 25 & 26 first.

Hope this helps.

Dec 28 2006 | 10:14 am

thanks for the input – looks like a good lead


Jan 29 2007 | 9:52 pm

Hello Cycling,

Is there any way to raise the spectroscope definition to more bins for next max update ?

Actually it’s seeems it’s 512 taps only, and for bass & low mid displaying, it’s not very good to say the least…

It would be much more valuable if we could be able to select definition up to 4096 or 8192.

Thanks for listening,


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