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VST, making buttons that work with MIDI Learn?

Jul 29 2008 | 6:07 pm

Dear Maxers,

I’m creating a VST audio looper using MaxMsp 4.6.3.
That’s not really the problem, in general it works great.
However, it needs to work with Ableton Live’s MIDI learn function.
This works great when using the normal "pp" eggslider parameters, you can
map whatever too them.

The problem is that I need Buttons, meaning that a press of a foot pedal for
example would either start or stop the recording depending on the state.
So far, the only solution I’ve found is to have an int slider that keeps
changing between 0 and 1 each time you press.
This actually works fine in the beginning, but too many problems to mention
occurs once you save you ableton live set and open it again… the states of
the buttons gets f**ed up, and you need to manually reset the plugin –
luckily I have a function for that.

This leads to another, and possibly even greater problem for me.
Loadbang seems to only run when you initially load up the VST.
If you restart the session, loadbang doesn’t run.
This means that you will have to manually reset the damn thing every time
you open your session, which is annoying.

So, to end this confused rant…
Any suggestions for buttons that work as VST parameters? Something obvious I
Any suggestion for a way to re-initialize my plugin every time you close and
reopen the session?
Any help…


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