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vst plugin not found

Mar 26 2009 | 10:02 am

Sorry to ask about what must be an old topic but I really haven’t found anything on that.

Some vst plugins are not found when I give their name as argument or with "plug truc.vst" message. Then it works fine when I use "plug" alone thru the dialog.

Other plugins work very fine as expected.

I’m on 4.6.3 (for some reason I have to stick to it, no 5) and filename between "" doesn’t solve it.

Thanks for any help.

Mar 29 2009 | 3:56 pm

Are you sure the VST is in the search path? I usually add my complete VST folder to the search path to be able to call VST’s by name…
I would also try to find the exact spelling by using opendialog and set the result into a message box…


Mar 30 2009 | 7:22 am

Thanks Stefan for your answer.

I tried to add the VST folder to the search path indeed, but I’ve finally found the solution:

The filename, without spaces, must be written WITHOUT quotation marks.

So I put the rule here to use VST:(it might help)

_Quotation marks must be put ONLY if there are spaces in the name. Remove them otherwise.

It seems that the VST folder must be put in the search path only once for MaxMSP to scan it. It can be taken out after that.

Tested on 4.6.3

Jean-Michel Darrémont

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