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wacom tablet recommendations wanted

Apr 22 2012 | 5:26 pm


i am thinking about getting a wacom tablet to use it as a controller in max 6.
any recommendations which one to get, any good or bad experiences with a specific tablet?

is there one which handles multiple pencil gestures at the same time?

thanks for your tips and hints.


Apr 22 2012 | 11:50 pm

Hi I was looking into this before but I believe that MAX can’t get info from WACOM tablets. There was an object someone made for MAX 5 to get the data but I don’t think it works under MAX 6. I know thats not all that helpful. Maybe someone else will chip in with better info….

Apr 23 2012 | 8:58 am

Hi, I have the object Liam is talking about. I don’t know how it behaves on Max 6, but I’ll tell you my experience on Max 5 with the old Bamboo from Wacom:

-Pen is very precise
-Pressure works well
-The 2 buttons on the pen are very useful

-Touch does not work
-Tilt neither
-No buttons on the tablet give data

I don’t know if my tablet was the worst to work with, but the object never got updated (i checked 2 months ago) so it depends what you need it for!


Apr 23 2012 | 5:35 pm

thanks for the answers, guys.

what is the name of the object you guys talking about? wacom?

surpisingly, i just get an old wacom digitizer 2 tablet by a friend…
does that tablet works with max 5/ 6 under osx?
there seems to be an emulation to get it work under osx, but didnt found infos on max msp usabilty…

before i buy the serial to usb adapter i like to know: does somebody get it to work with max? as it is a quite old piece of gear iam also interessted in the quality/ handling of the tablet… i comparrison to newer but smaller tablets like the bamboo…


Apr 24 2012 | 5:51 pm

There is an OSX wacom object here:

It works with Max 5, not with Max 6. There are other threads on this forum where people have posted Max Standalones which will send out OSC data. A search for Wacom should do it.

Apr 24 2012 | 6:35 pm

of course i already got CNMAT Depot running on my mac as well as
jvkr´s Ior. anyway, i was not sure about the digitizer quality/resolution …
it was build in 1992! :)
does it output pressure and tilt values or are these only feature of current tablets?


Apr 24 2012 | 8:28 pm

couldn’t say if a 1992 tablet would work, nor of it sends out the same kind of data than actual tablets. I would be very suspicious, since compatiblity varied strongly with my Bamboo with a different driver, which was not really obvious to find. A Bamboo is not so expensive, and i don’t know the price of a usb to serial adapter, but maybe you should check this. Also, tablets supporting several pencils are, i guess, pretty expensive… don’t know about yours. Fwiw i would maybe not, personnally, invest in an expensive tablet today, more have a look in the direction of iPads or such… it’s not the same price, i know. And another world of problems again, and it might not be relevant at all, depending on your needs. Just my 2 cents !

Apr 26 2012 | 5:54 pm

hey vichug,

thanks for your feedback. in terms of precision
i found graphic tablets better/ more accurate than the ipad, i phone stuff.
its the finger against the pencilpoint.
of course, on the other hand its good to have the visual representation directly where you draw – thats the pro fot the ipad.
and i guess its also possible to control a ipad via a pen, no?

another criteria is the size of the tablet/ipad. i found it important to have enough place for conttolling things … very similar to the drawing on a paper.

btw. i heard something about a pen that dont need a tablet at all, somebody out there who use it for musical things and can report more on this?

thanks j

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