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Wanna play Max/MSP at Burning Man?

Jul 16 2008 | 9:48 am

Entheon Village has a Music Yurt this year that I’m scheduling, and we’re looking for contemplative computer music. If you’re planning to be on the playa and would enjoy stopping by Entheon to share your music, please contact me. You’d be welcome to bring your patches and run them on my MacBook Pro through our hexaphonic Mackie setup. Kyma and a Capybara will also be available.

Blue Fire (playa name)
Will Grant (default name)
Music Co-lead
Entheon Village 2008

Jul 16 2008 | 11:21 am


Jul 17 2008 | 2:15 am

Burning Man is an event in the Nevada desert 150 miles NE of Reno that happens each year around Labor Day.

Jul 17 2008 | 9:35 am

Burning man ,wow that brings me back , last time was 10 years ago , and must admit each time , was a one way ticket to fun fun fun !!!

Are you sure you want to bring a Kyma system out in the desert ?? even in a tent , racked up ect…. I would be kind of paranoid !!

Jul 17 2008 | 4:07 pm

It could be considered improvident, yup, and it did take some thought to make up my mind about it, but if nobody does anything, noting happens, and I want it to happen.

Jul 19 2008 | 5:40 am

Awesome. I won’t be doing music this year, but I’ll come by and check you guys out.

Jul 20 2008 | 4:34 pm

Would it absolutely have to be a certain kind of contemplative music? Or could the contemplation be about things like danceable beats and high-energy rhythm? (Not to say that I actually play this music but I’m just curious…)

Also, do we have to rely on running patches off your computer(I speak of non-Kyma endeavors) or could we, say, bring our own MacBook(running Max/MSP) with a MOTU Ultralite and plug that straight in to a mixer?

Jul 21 2008 | 12:45 am

It needs to be plausibly contemplative. We have uptempo beats in the big dome, and the music yurt is a contemplation chill space.

You’re welcome to bring anything that can send a line out the house mixer.

There are 6 Mackie 350v2 speakers in a hexagon. If you want six channels, you’re welcome to use my Saffire.

Aug 05 2008 | 2:02 am

That’s great… this will be my first time at BMan and will definitely check you guys out. I’ll have my stuff there and might have a go if there’s a time available, but at this point I don’t want to commit as I’ll be busy setting up over in ImageNode.

I have audio and visuals that I could bring, using my laptop/projector, so all I’d need would be the soundsystem and/or a wall for projecting (if you guys want that, it can be quite chill/contemplative and add to someone else’s music, for example). On that note, I’ll have a collection of music and visuals from my band Axion Theory. Lots of that is chill and spacey, and live visuals/some audio tweaking could round out the performance side of it. I also use a camcorder with a feedback effect that’s definitely contemplative, as well as interactive. Everything can be done at very low brightness levels, with fading etc., so the mood stays calm…

the "studio sessions" link has some audio/video clips from practices and performances. lots more to come, we’re just getting started :) all the visuals and some of the sounds are done with Max.

I’ll swing by and meet you early on and we’ll go from there. Thanks for the invite, and regardless of what happens with performing, I’ll definitely visit fellow Burning Maxers!


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