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wave~ equivalent to write into buffers

Oct 17 2009 | 12:10 pm

I am looking for a method to write into buffers in the way wave~ reads from them. So basically filling a buffer from beginning to end with a signal 0. – 1. determining writing position. loop point would be useful as well.
Interpolation of sample values would be crucial, if sync signal would not cover all sample indexes. (i.e. trying to fill 44100 in the time of samples 32000 samples)
I constructed a mixture of phasor~ – *~ [buffer length in samples] – poke~ abstraction, but i could not get the interpolation issues addressed, a problem especially when speeding up the sync phasor.

any ideas appreciated



Oct 17 2009 | 11:31 pm

make sure you use a [round~] or [trunc~] before the index input of [poke~]

This object wont work unless you are feeding it whole numbers.

Oct 18 2009 | 12:31 am

thanks for your replies, but this has been what I have been doing. The problem is very clear, if writing samples into a buffer with poke~ will not fill in between sample positions, if the sync signal is so fast that the increments of the sample position is not covering every whole number. That is why wave~ is interpolating during playback. Same problem would occur when attempting to playback with index~.

I isolated a method which shows the problem. This is obviously not doing now anything meaningful.

I am pretty sure that no abstraction build in max/msp will solve this. My jitter experiments have not been successful either, because I need this in realtime. I would like to stay away from ftm for the project in question, if possible.

So I was hoping someone else had come across this and knows of some 3rd party external written in C++ or a java class, able to interpolate during recording as well.

so here is the example

— Pasted Max Patch, click to expand. —
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