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what does it mean?

Jan 30 2010 | 2:11 am

hi all…

—— textedit: wrong argument for attribute "separator" ——-

this message is displayd everytime i start max (newest version 5.1.2) in the max window.

autocomplete does not work properly either.

any solurions?

thanks and regards,

Jan 30 2010 | 4:56 pm

– Could you post an example of that textedit problem?
– try rebuilding your database "; max db.reset"

Jan 30 2010 | 5:06 pm

you have maxtoolbox installed.
it comes from the shell.
nothing important i think. the toolbox is still working fine.

Jan 30 2010 | 5:17 pm

I cannot reproduce that with maxtoolbox, do you have some steps to reproduce? Thanks.

Jan 30 2010 | 5:29 pm

i’ve re-installed the toolbox. it doesn’t occur anymore.
before that i was able to trigger the error by activating/deactivating the toolbox from the ToolBox.maxpat patch (in the extras).

Feb 04 2010 | 2:06 am

hi guillaume, emanuel,

sorry, was on tour for 3 days and offline.

yes, it semms to have smth to do with maxtoolbox – when it is deactivated (i do it when i’m plaing, to avoid some sudden fgreezes and crashes…) before i quit max,
then by starting max is everything ok.
if i was working on some patch and left toolbox active,
next time i start max the warning appears.
now i can even povoke it by loading (the warning appears again) or unloading (message says: "js: Max ToolBox : Unloaded"
one more funny thing: my actual version of toolbox doesnot sho the checking and unchecking state of load/unload button…

oh, one more tyhing: rebuilding database (; max db.reset written in a message and clicked, right? or am i wrong? if yes, please tell me how to do it.. :) – did not help so far..

thanks and regards,

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