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What is the better filter I can use with clarinet?

Jun 12 2011 | 9:48 am

I need an advice! I have to use filters with a clarinet. I tried at first with a very simple patch, with a filtergraph and biquad object, but I don’t really obtain a good result. If someone has already experimented filters with acoustic instruments that play alone, please give some advice, or if you have any patch send it!

  1. filter01.maxpat
Jun 12 2011 | 12:57 pm

Hi pax
from a purely subjective point I would suggest blending the filter signal with the original sound, because solo acoustic instruments each have their own unique timbral character, and filtering will make them sound ‘unnatural’; try cutting a band/region with a high Q factor and automating a sweep; also try the fixed-filterbank object, [ffb~ 4] referring to its helpfile for usage tips.

As most filters are essentially just sophisticated delay loop systems, also try the [tapin~]/[tapout] objects, with small delay times c.5-30ms for some filter-y/phase-y sounds.


Jun 13 2011 | 6:12 pm

ok, thanks

Jun 13 2011 | 7:29 pm

In my own experience, simple filtering doesn’t get you far on simple clarinet sounds (a clarinet spectrum is already a filtered one, in a way). More satisfying to alter the sound in other ways, or to filter a rich clarinet sound (multiphonics…)

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