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Where to best put your M4L files / dependencies?

May 20, 2013 | 1:24 pm

I find this subject rather fuzzy for M4L and I can’t seem to find any clear documentation on it.

When you develop a M4L patch with abstractions where do you put your files? On OSX I normally create a project in the default generated "Documents/Max6 Projects" folder.

I know that you can put everything in one folder or all over the place and eventually freeze it. But when you edit/unfreeze a device, since Live9, it seems to generate a folder in "Documents/Max for Live Devices" with all the project files in a subfolder names "Yourdevice Project".

Or…after unfreezing it generates a folder (not file) "Yourdevice.amxd" in that same location :S What is what, and whatfor? Unfreezing also gives me a dialog to open something, but I have no clue what it wants and just click cancel.

Is it sensible to put your development files there also? Will they collide with unfrozen devices later? Is it only for temporary storage? And how does an amxd file relate to a maxproj file? Max seem to unpack an amxd file as if it were a project but you can’t pack a maxproj into an amxd file?

Lots of questions. I hope someone has a clear answer or pointer so some docs, cause at the moment I feel like I’m freewheeling myself towards some future conflicts.

August 26, 2013 | 7:59 am


I have been dealing with some "freezing" issues myself.
The best (and only) documentation I found was this:

I guess a freezed device is like a zip file, a container for distribution. So when we unfreeze
a new folder is created with the contents.
One of the main difficulties is dealing with the assets of the device, databases, pictures, subfolders… etc in way that max can find them after freezing.

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