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where's max-fileformat.txt on a mac ?

Aug 11 2006 | 8:35 am

I’m trying to make a Java external crossplatform but i still don’t own a
mac, so i wonder if there’s a reliable way to know where’s
max-fileformat.txt on OSX ?



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the mac will understand .dll when you allow a mac program
to open such a file and when the library contrains code
which runs in OS X intel.

there are a few programs which actually use .dll since mac
os 8.. for example from microsoft, but there are also audio

you mentioned aPcs … even cubase/nuendo require plug-ins
to be typed properly to be able to open them.
if they wouldnot, the average blonde would be opening
photoshop filters in cubase 24/7 and post in the cycling
forums about his problems releated to the resulting chrash.

the aPcs of classic/carbon is the .vst of mach-o and the
.dll on windows … and that has not completely
changed now only because the current maxmsp programs
can use mach-o for externals.

Aug 11 2006 | 9:50 pm

On 11-Aug-2006, at 13:05, f.e wrote:
> I was wondering if anybody really needs to keep the old boring file
> format specific to max (aPcs, iLaf…) to interact with a file chooser

I still have plenty of patches called "Clock" and "add3" and "Maezel"
and "@" on my hard disk with nary a .mxb or .pat in sight. Spotlight
finds over 9,000 Max-related items and I don’t know when I’m going to
get around to checking them all for extensions, whereas the old
Finder Type codes still work fine. BTW, this iLaf stuff is not so
much specific to Max as to Mac OS. That’s the way things were done
for almost twenty years.

Legacy is tough.

Parsing max-fileformat.txt is a great idea, but you’ll find that
99.99999% of your users have identical copies. So it might be easier
to hard-code the list once for your Java project and be done with it.

> does a mac understand .dll ?

Not really. The equivalent term on Mac OS was a "Shared Library" and
like everything else they were identified by Finder File Type and
Creator Code, not by a filename extension. Sometimes they come with
filename extensions like .lib or .shlb but that’s rare.

You were wanting to open DLLs from the standard Open File dialog?

Hope this helps,

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