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Why all objects (mxo, images, …) are duplicated many times in the Max5 collective mxf ??

Mar 03 2009 | 2:48 pm

I have a big patch, which is loading dynamically subpatches.
I includes those subpatches in the collective mxf by adding them in the build script with "patcher" command.

The result is a very very big mxf !

After spending some time to analyse its content, it turns out that this mxf is mainly containing duplicates !

See below an extract, created from the table of content of the mxf.
For every subpatch, the same objects are being added, again and again… Why don’t you’re referencing the first instance added in the next (at least for the static files such as executables, images, sounds) ?


fnam=Patch__D56D8869774BE441.maxpat sz32=00002166 of32=0402da6b
fnam=message.mxo sz32=00000004 of32=0402fbd1
fnam=message/executable sz32=0001486c of32=0402fbd5
fnam=message/plist sz32=0000033e of32=04044441
fnam=panel.mxo sz32=00000004 of32=0404477f
fnam=panel/executable sz32=00014428 of32=04044783
fnam=panel/plist sz32=00000338 of32=04058bab
fnam=textedit.mxo sz32=00000004 of32=04058ee3
fnam=textedit/executable sz32=000179fc of32=04058ee7
fnam=textedit/plist sz32=00000341 of32=040708e3
fnam=ubutton.mxo sz32=00000004 of32=04070c24
fnam=ubutton/executable sz32=0000bcb0 of32=04070c28
fnam=ubutton/plist sz32=0000033e of32=0407c8d8
fnam=Patch__DF135C8B5B43CF18.maxpat sz32=00007c72 of32=0407cc16
fnam=message.mxo sz32=00000004 of32=04084888
fnam=message/executable sz32=0001486c of32=0408488c
fnam=message/plist sz32=0000033e of32=040990f8
fnam=panel.mxo sz32=00000004 of32=04099436
fnam=panel/executable sz32=00014428 of32=0409943a
fnam=panel/plist sz32=00000338 of32=040ad862
fnam=textedit.mxo sz32=00000004 of32=040adb9a
fnam=textedit/executable sz32=000179fc of32=040adb9e
fnam=textedit/plist sz32=00000341 of32=040c559a
fnam=ubutton.mxo sz32=00000004 of32=040c58db
fnam=ubutton/executable sz32=0000bcb0 of32=040c58df
fnam=ubutton/plist sz32=0000033e of32=040d158f
fnam=Patch__E94B838062A51197.maxpat sz32=00000e31 of32=040d18cd
fnam=message.mxo sz32=00000004 of32=040d26fe
fnam=message/executable sz32=0001486c of32=040d2702
fnam=message/plist sz32=0000033e of32=040e6f6e
fnam=panel.mxo sz32=00000004 of32=040e72ac
fnam=panel/executable sz32=00014428 of32=040e72b0
fnam=panel/plist sz32=00000338 of32=040fb6d8
fnam=textedit.mxo sz32=00000004 of32=040fba10
fnam=textedit/executable sz32=000179fc of32=040fba14
fnam=textedit/plist sz32=00000341 of32=04113410
fnam=ubutton.mxo sz32=00000004 of32=04113751
fnam=ubutton/executable sz32=0000bcb0 of32=04113755
fnam=ubutton/plist sz32=0000033e of32=0411f405

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