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Why I can't save the patch on my appointed path?

Sep 27 2012 | 6:46 am

I use the 12-months student version of Max 6, the problem is Why I can’t save the patch on my appointed path?

Sep 27 2012 | 8:28 am

How are you trying to save it and where?

Sep 27 2012 | 2:18 pm

When I have launched the soft, then followed "File- New Patch", after something I pressed ‘command+S’, it ask me where to save, then I choose a place, but next time when I want to open the patch, it is not on my appoint place, It is in "Application- Max 6- patches- docs- tutorial patchers- max tut.’

Sep 27 2012 | 2:46 pm

Do you have admin access? Did you try saving to your Documents folder? OSX is resistant to saving things in the Apps folder.

Sep 27 2012 | 3:32 pm

Yes, I have admin access, this is my personal laptop. Yes, I try save it to my Documents folder, but it is can’t find next time…
But the other soft that I used, they are all normal, save the session files in Documents folder.

Sep 27 2012 | 3:44 pm

Thank you everyone, I have solved this problem. I installed this version just couple days, this is my first time use this software, so I did "File- New Project" then I appoint the project’s place and created the new patch, this time I could save it in my appoint place in my computer.

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