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why no getframe?

Feb 07 2007 | 10:49 pm

Is there any particular reason why doesn’t have a "getframe" message?

I mean, I know how to figure it from the other get* messages, but…

duration has getduration
time has gettime
rate has getrate
framecount has getframecount
fps has getfps
and so on…

So shouldn’t frame have getframe, at least for consistency if nothing else?

Just wondering.

Reason I’m asking: When I’m trying to teach Jitter and Max at the same time to a roomful of beginners, I like to start with, it gets them all excited because they quickly see that Max makes complicated tasks simple.

But then we run into the lack of a getframe message, and I have to spend an hour or two teaching them about message order, routing, etc – it’s not that they wouldn’t be learning that stuff anyway, it’s just that it’s such a trivial task, and suddenly Max looks like it makes simple tasks complicated.

Feb 08 2007 | 9:15 am

The simple answer as to why jit.qt.grab has no "getframe" method is that "frame" is not an attribute, it’s a message.

That is not to say that having a way to simply retrieve the current frame wouldn’t be useful. Although, really, dividing the output of "gettime" by the proper value gets you that information already.

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