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Wii Motion Plus – How to receive these new param. in Max ?

Nov 22 2009 | 4:48 pm


I just acquired a wii mote including the "motion plus" extension with new sensors.
As aka / disis.aka objects are not updated already (nor external apps like OSCulator), i wondered if anyone knew another way to receive these datas in Max (I use Tiger on a MacBook Pro or iMac)

I’ve read a few things about the serial object to receive bluetooth
messages, but I am not very familiar with this kind of devices. The tutorial "serial communication" doesn’t help me very much to figure out how to attribute a serial port to the wiimote.
Hope the question is not too dumb…

All the best.


Nov 22 2009 | 5:40 pm

Hi Julien,

I’ve been working on this. I’m not totally finished, but I have basic wiimotion plus support (calibration is the issue)

See this thread:



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