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Will Max/MSP 4.5.7 Runtime work fine on Intel Mac mini ?

Jul 02 2006 | 4:02 am

Does anyone run Max/MSP 4.5.7 Runtime on a Intel Mac?
I’ll buy a Intel Mac mini to run my Installation Program.
So, will it work fine ? (Just Runtime, Not mxb file.)

Jul 02 2006 | 7:52 am

Why not using the 4.6beta ? which is MacTel compatible…


Jul 02 2006 | 12:36 pm

Thanks, EJ.
But my computer is Powerbook G4, not a intel mac yet.
I’ll buy a intel mac mini to run my artwork for the exhibition.
Some objects and plug-ins that I used still not support 4.6 beta.
So I’m curious about will 4.5.7 runtime can work fine on MacTel.
Or I should buy a second hand mac mini G4.

Jul 02 2006 | 1:03 pm

Ok, it seems that 4.5.7 was running "fine" under MacTel except for
mxj. But the performances are not that great. Look at the archive
you’ll find more informations about the performances.


Jul 02 2006 | 1:13 pm

as long as you’re not doing too much processing it should run fine.
ive used the intel minis with installations running apps built in 4.5
without a problem. these usualy involve some low rez movie playback
and network operations.

see if you can load your stuff onto one first and test it.


Jul 02 2006 | 1:31 pm

On 2 Jul 2006, at 14:03, Emmanuel Jourdan wrote:

> Ok, it seems that 4.5.7 was running "fine" under MacTel except for
> mxj.

That would make sense: the Java will be native Intel, and Rosetta
won’t translate the JNI calls to/from MXJ.

nick rothwell — composition, systems, performance — http://

Jul 03 2006 | 3:22 am

Ok, I’ll search some topic about the performance.


Jul 03 2006 | 3:26 am

That’s sounds good,
I’ll do some tests on intel mac mini first.


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