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winxp bpatch prototype pseudo bug?

Jan 17 2007 | 7:58 am


i’ve found something that can’t quite qualify as a bug in the prototype system, but that i am curious as to others’ experiences on:

summary: stack overflow when unnecessary.

steps to reproduce:

a) saving a patcher to disk,
b) instantiating it into a bpatcher,
c) designating a prototype from it so that it will appear from within the prototype menu, and
d) placing an empty bpatcher into a given patch

my particular version of max is recursing into a stack-overflow upon attempting to
e) right-click and choose the prototype from the menu

expected results: the bpatcher be updated to the intended size / content of the prototype.
actual results: occasional crashes and stack overflows.

regression: i’ve attempted to change my performance settings upon stack overflow, and then restarting max- occasionally this will help, but has not in every case.

max/msp 4.6.2
winxp sp 2
intel centrino processor 2.13ghz
7200 rpm hd
ati radeon x700


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