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write and continualy append a text file from with max

Feb 26 2007 | 7:20 pm

Dear list i am writing a simple max patch that evaluates 10 values from a
coll object.

I would then like to write the highest value in that coll object into a txt
file wich needs to be appended every 15 seconds and so on. This will be for
flash movie to read to draw a graphical timeline. I also need to write
symbols into the string too.

Can anyone suggest an object to write and overwrite/append the text file or
could kindly suggest how it may appear as an abstraction.
the data may appear something like this:

132 85 106 130 a 125 96 b

very best

jon cambeul

Feb 26 2007 | 7:52 pm

The ‘text’ object!

Feb 26 2007 | 7:56 pm

and for getting the highest value from coll there is a myriad of ways – coll’s ‘sort’ and ‘renumber’ messages will work.


Feb 26 2007 | 10:08 pm

sort and renumber, cheers, ill look into that with with coll object. As for
text ill take a closer look with that object too. I have actually tried text
so far but didn’t go much further as i thought that it may not be able to do
what I wish to do. I also looked at FileLogger by the Open Dragon guys but
was unable to find success there.

It should write a file, that would start as "0" and every 15 seconds it
should add a digit to the text string, re-writing that same file over and
over again.
This could last for over 24 hours, so eventually the text string could have
over 5000 characters.
And this whole thing would have up to 100 instances, so at the end it would
have to write up to 100 files each containing up to 5000 or more characters.
I was hesitant to use text because I didn’t think that it would be capable
of reading in a file with that much data then appending it then rewriting
it. The whole operation may cause an inaccuracy. Perhaps it’s possible.

cheers John

jon cambeul

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