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XP10 DJ controller as MIDI device?

Oct 16 2006 | 1:15 am

Has anyone had any experience using the XP10 ( as a MIDI device. There seems to be a 3rd party MIDI driver available.

I’m wondering what kind of info you can get out of it. Can you get MIDI CC out of the wheel? Or, can you get info from the HI object (since the XP10 is USB)?

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.


Oct 17 2006 | 1:24 am

Going on general experiancewith these kind of control surfaces, you shouldnt have any problem getting the info into the computer, however without someone having one they own-I couldnt say if it would come in as MIDI or be available through hi.

If you can confirm that one will work however with your system (pc or mac kinda thing) you could use a piece of software called Junxion created by Steim to translate any of the info nicely into easy MIDI. Its about 40euros for a simple version I think – I had a look at the program while I was there and they had everything from joysticks to some train simulation controller thingy- all translating to clean workable midi values.

Try it out, if you can do it with hi, dont pay for anything else hehe- but if you think Junxion will help, its cheap enough and has a trial to try if it’ll do what you want!

Just done some research to see if anyone has used the controller your talking about- doesnt seem to have hit us Maxers- but have found a few guys using a much cheaper tool called the DM2(( by Mixman- its a toy essentially- but these things are going for under 30 quid on ebay- well worth a try and to read up on what people have found these to be like, certainly good reports on the limited stuff I read up on – may be a little less risky than going for the XP10 without someone else being able to tell you it works.

Other than that- go into a shop and beg them to let you try to see if it works with Max.

Hope all this rambling helps and gives you something to think about- any more help I can offer, just let me know


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