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yet another C++ issue – windows

Nov 24 2009 | 11:19 pm

This is driving me crazy.

I’m using a library of C++ classes I’ve written in an MSP object. On the Mac – it compiles and works fine – just drag the source tree folder into the project and include the necessary headers for the library and it works. My main max object source file is C++ and set to compile as C++.

On windows I’m using MSVC++ Express 2008 and ths has been fine so far. Applications built using the library are fine as are VST plugins. I can also build Max and MSP objects fine on windows.

Building the MSP object fails as it seems to be trying to link after compiling the first file it finds (it’s usually a file name near the beginning of the alphabet). So a get a linker ‘symbol main not defined’ since main is defined in another file which it hasn’t yet compiled!

Has anyone seen this behaviour in MSVC before?

Jul 15 2010 | 8:17 am

Finally upgrading to Windows 7 and MSCV Express 2010 (v10) fixed this after the project was "converted" (in quotes because the conversion is a bit lame and some things need to be set manually after conversion).

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