total cpu usage : external build

    Sep 05 2006 | 4:05 pm
    Hello folks,
    We are happy to announce that we've succefully build an external which
    gives the real total cpu usage of your machine (in percent), and the
    memory usage (percent and Mo used).
    Currently, this object is for Windows only (2000/NT/XP) and is in its
    last testing phase. We're working on OSX & UB versions and it will take
    some time because we have to write a complete new code for each machine.
    When using Max, there's often more processing used for UI than dsp, and
    with several applications running on the same machine, you never now
    what's really happening. Soon you will.
    This could prevent max crashes or hanging up while in live performances
    at the Madison Square Garden. And will show Manuel Poletti's troubles
    with sfplay~ ;-)
    Object will be available when Macintosh ports will be build, and will be
    packed in a library containing tools of this kind.
    best regards
    f.e + m.o
    f.e chanfrault | aka | personal computer music
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