touchin object - not working?

    Jul 28 2020 | 7:03 am
    Hi Folks,
    I am working on setting up a new controller for Max, and have found that the touchin object is not working as expected. Using the "Midi" tool I can see Aftertouch arriving into the Mac, and Max's midiin object shows raw midi data as well. But neither touchin or the midiparse objects seem to see this data. The Raw Midi is printing to the console and showing the incoming aftertouch as 160, whilst a note is 140.
    Any thoughts as to the error of my ways?
    Running MacOS 10.14.6 and Max 8.1.5.

    • Jul 28 2020 | 8:46 am
      160 is polyphonic key pressure so [polyin] or the 2nd outlet of [midiparse] should show it.
    • Jul 31 2020 | 12:20 am
      Thanks Bill! Had a feeling that there was something like this.
      I tried searching for a table of numbers vs MIDI message to bug that out but couldn't work out what the search string should be?
    • Jul 31 2020 | 12:39 am
      No worries TDC! Once place to find that info is in the [midiparse] help file.
    • Aug 03 2020 | 12:50 am
      Thanks Bill,
      Seems my understanding of the MIDI spec needs refreshing. I appreciate your help.