tracking multiple blob configuration with cv.jit?

    Jan 22 2012 | 12:27 pm
    i'm working on the new visuals for our performance. the idea is that we have white "2D masks" of certain shapes like circle, mountain, head of person etc... and we are screening different animations on it (please see the image attached). we would like to freely move with the masks so that they work as real objects.
    so i'm trying to find out how to identify and track two unique objects in space based on the blob configuration of the ir leds attached to them.
    originally i was thinking to use the fiducial markers printed on the backside of the objects, but tracking from the same side like the projection seems like much better solution.
    i need to get x, y, z (rotation) information. i have previously programmed/used different tracking systems in cyclops, eyesweb, cv.jit, but this was much easier tasks. here i'm not sure how to identify the objects and still get also their rotation position. i was hoping cv.jit could be maybe helpful (?)
    does anybody has some idea what i could check?