tricky: python to matrix (or even list)

    Dec 09 2008 | 12:12 pm
    hello guys,
    I'm a bit unsure where to post this, but matrix -> jitter. I've been writing some python scripts (CA and Agents) for a performance of mine. I use the py(ext) - externals made for PD in both Max and PD. I'm having some type problems. PD accepts python lists, but max only accepts numbers, so i need to iterate everything.
    Thing is I'm coding this in numpy arrays (especially the CA stuff) and it would be nice to get this into matrixes for jitter use. Iterating and repacking of huge 2d lists seems so wasteful. Is there any way i could bridge this? Maybe over jython-java-jitter? Or send it over network-localhost to How would i need to format an array for this? types etc?
    any help greatly appreciated, please bear in mind that i'm a bit out of my league here : )