Trigger sounds with FSR's

    Nov 04 2013 | 5:35 pm
    Hi guys,
    Can someone please help me, i'm quite new to this, as a university project me and a friend are creating some midi tap dancing shoes, what i'm struggling with is how to trigger sounds when the FSR value reaches a specific value.
    i'm using a phidget board, i have data coming in and i can trigger sounds using messages, i just need to link them together and i'm struggling to find anything on the internet about it.

    • Nov 04 2013 | 5:48 pm
      Also i would like to know if it's possible to once the sounds been triggered over the specific value for it not to trigger again until the value has dropped below to the target.
    • Nov 04 2013 | 9:03 pm
      Hi 2 questions: what type of FSRs? Of-the-shelf pressure sensors or DIY. And how does the data get into Max? Processing or what?
      The rest is easy: threshold triggers = [>] and [togedge], or [past] f.e.
    • Nov 04 2013 | 9:08 pm
    • Nov 04 2013 | 9:35 pm
      Thanks for replying, we're using just off the shelf pressure sensors all part of the phidget range They connect to a phidget boards Analogue inputs and max picks em up through that. then when pressed they give out a number from 0-999, 0 being no pressure to 999 max pressure.
    • Nov 04 2013 | 9:41 pm
      That patch works perfectly!! thank you.
      is there away to change the range from 127 to 0 - 999?