Trolls, and how NOT to keep them fat, happy and content

    Nov 23 2008 | 12:47 am
    Some things to keep in mind about trolls:
    1. If you see a posting from a Cycling '74 employee, but with a new email address or alias that they've never posted under before, that person is a troll.
    2. Even if you find it amusing, even if you think the troll is an asshole, you perpetuate the problem by replying to their post. Mailing list users are especially bad about this, because we will delete the thread in the forum, but as soon as a list reply comes in, voila! it creates a new forum thread, which we then have to delete.
    3. The troll continues to come back and cause trouble because every person who has ever replied to a troll post, no matter how well-meaning they were in replying to said troll post, FEEDS THE TROLL. If all of us were to simply IGNORE the troll they would go away -- but see, by giving the troll attention, they continue to come back, again and again and again. Therefore,
    4. Feeding the troll is -essentially- as bad as *being* a troll. As soon as you feed the troll, knowing full well how bad that is, you become part of the problem. Be a part of the solution and IGNORE TROLLS.
    5. This should be obvious, but when somebody feeds a troll, and then you jump in and reply to that feeding -- guess what -- you've now just fed the troll *again*. Even if you don't quote the troll or reply to anything they've said, you're still feeding them. Every reply to a thread started by a troll is a feeding (unless it's a post by a C74 person asking you to stop feeding them).
    6. Next time you see what is obviously a post by a troll, ESPECIALLY on a weekend, don't assume that I or any other Cycling employee has seen the post. Please send me an email immediately and let me know.
    thanks for reading,