Trouble Shooting

    Jan 24 2006 | 10:38 pm
    Hi, I'm fairly new to jitter.
    This question isn't much about jitter as I guess.
    I've been using the iSight to capture video. And edit it in iMovie, since it's what I have at the moment on my computer.
    But, when I load the clips into my jitter apps, the computer slows way down. The entire machine. But, if I load clips that came with Jitter as demo, it runs fine. Even though my clips are smaller in size and so on. Anyone have any idea what it could be? ( My first time playing with video ).
    I was thinking it was the way iMovie is saving the files.
    Anyone know a better way of capturing video, something fairly cheap would be fine, as long as it works well. I'm just experimenting. But this issue is taking all the fun out of it.

    • Jan 25 2006 | 1:56 am
      Some codecs are more CPU-intensive when decoding (playing) than others. Try Photo-JPEG or Motion-JPEG. You might experiment with DV as well, depending on the resolution you're outputting to (S-Video, VGA, DVI...).
      best, dan
    • Jan 25 2006 | 2:07 am
      On 1/24/06, Dan Winckler wrote: > Some codecs are more CPU-intensive when decoding (playing) than
      Er...I meant "decompressing", not "decoding". In iMovie, go to File > Export then select To Quicktime and Expert Settings* from the dropdown menus. Hit Export and select Movie To Quicktime Movie in the next menu and click the Options button next to it. Play around with the settings in the Options menu. Export a bunch of different codecs and compare them. Find a good compromise between quality and CPU% that complements your visual style.
      * I'm not sure if you need QuickTime Pro to access the Expert Settings but it's a great investment, regardless. Lots of bang for $30.
      best, dan
    • Jan 25 2006 | 2:27 am has the handy and free "batch export utility" for recomposing folders of movies.
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    • Jan 25 2006 | 6:39 am
      Hey guys, thanks for the quick replys!
      iMovie gives me a lot of problems with the files it produces. I can't even send them to friends, because they won't even load propperly on their PCs ( *.mov files ). It's a cool free utitlity, just a pain in the neck sometimes.
      I'm gonna check this out. Thanks again.
    • Jan 25 2006 | 10:36 pm
      Your friends might need the latest version of Quicktime, then: