Troubles installing MAX 6 in mountain lion

    Nov 12 2012 | 9:06 pm
    Hi everyone, I've bought a new mac in which was installed OSX 10.8.2 I've downloaded the last trial version of Max6 but the installer says that is impossible to complete the installation. If i watch in application folder, i can see MAX6 and MAX6 runtime installed but, if i launch MAX6 , it says that extensions are missed and redirect me to the PACE website; when i've dowloaded PACE ilok for OSX 10.7 and over, it doesn't work.
    It sounds a little bit strange that the installer installs MAX6 and the runtime but non the PACEilok, so I unpacked the MAX6 trial installer and i've seen that is made of two installers, one for max, and one for the ilok (this don't work and make the general installer fail).
    SO, what can I do to install the trial of MAX6 on my new mac?
    thanks so much

    • Jan 19 2013 | 2:37 am
      Was there ever a resolution for you? I seem to be running into the same problem. If you haven't found a solution, then I wish you the best of luck. I will keep looking and if I do find a solution I will post it here.
    • Jan 19 2013 | 3:59 pm
      For some reason last night Max decided to cooperate, so really it has become a sort of strange non-solution. Best of luck.