True vector Images from Jitter?

    Sep 25 2014 | 9:53 pm
    OK. I feel like I’ve been seeing high resolution art in my performance work (like the image linked here: for years, and yet I've never really been able to reproduce them in the resolution they deserve. So I wonder if anyone else here has succeeded where I have failed, and if so, what they did. Many of us could certainly use a way to reproduce the stunning surface quality we see in motion. My guess is that if position points could be exported from Max to Illustrator through some kind of curve creation tool, we'd have the resolution – and then the rest would be relatively simple color manipulation through trial and error. It's certainly possible to output a matrix to any size a graphics card and processor can handle, but that has not produced anything more than pixelated low resolution images for me. It may also be possible to "trace" an image in Illustrator, though that might be too difficult because of the subtlety and complexity of textures.
    Any solutions would be very much welcomed.