Trying to build Max5 XP samples...

    Dec 02 2008 | 8:51 pm
    I am trying to build the uisimp example in the Max5 SDK. I am using VS2005, I keep getting the following linker error...
    1>Compiling... 1>uisimp.c 1>dllmain_win.c 1>Linking... 1> Creating library ..ext_win_release/uisimp.lib and object ..ext_win_release/uisimp.exp 1>Generating code 1>Finished generating code 1>maxcrt.lib(atonexit.obj) : fatal error LNK1103: debugging information corrupt; recompile module
    Also, the solution seems to be missing projects uisimp2 and uisimp3.

    • Dec 03 2008 | 7:34 pm
      Has anyone been able to successfully build the uisimp example with VS2005?
    • Dec 03 2008 | 11:41 pm
      Well, I was able to get it to build, but I had to disable debug output. This is obviously not good because one would not be able to debug things. Can someone please fix this...
    • Dec 04 2008 | 2:55 pm
      Hi Anthony,
      Thanks for finding that Microsoft support page. That is pretty annoying. Please let us know if you get the VS 2005 hotfix from Microsoft and if it fixes the problem.
      An alternative might be to update to Visual Studio 2008 Express. But, you might have reasons for sticking with VS2005.